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We provide a free service and eventual Covid medical assistance even if limited to a phone consultation.
Any home assistance of one of our doctors should be considered exceptional and subject to his/her availability in the area of residence of the applicant.

The service is intended exclusively for people with a Covid diagnosis or compatible symptoms, as GP must not be contacted in the UK where people are only recommended to isolate for 7 days. Therefore we strongly advise you to contact us at the earliest symptoms.

It is important that phase 0 ( asymptomatic swab positive) and phase 1 (fever, cough, fatigue, heart rate increase) patients contact us. Treatment in the first phase of the disease blocks the virus.

In phase 2 (saturation less than 94/95 or in any case decreasing, breathing difficulties, breathlessness ever for modest efforts, etc.) YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT TO COME TO US but you must contact your PG or call 111 and in a very severe case of breathing difficulties call the ambulance at 999.

For technical or ethical reasons will not be answered for those who ask for prior information or those who turn to the service for another person already hospitalized (relatives, friends, acquaintances)

You can access the service exclusively by writing an
e-mail to: [email protected]
Put in the SUBJECT of the e-mail: 999 ASSISTANCE

Always include as much information as possible and your phone number in your e-mail.

Please note: any request made via Whatsapp will not be considered.

If you are a doctor and would like to join us for assistance please contact us, writing an e-mail to [email protected]

Always include as much information as possible and your phone number in your e-mail.