National governments deprived of any decision-making power

There are dozens of laboratories all over the world that carry out “dual” (dual potential) research. No “national government” can interfere. Download
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INTERNATIONAL COVID SUMMIT – Roma – 12, 13 e 14 September 2021

INTERNATIONAL COVID SUMMIT Rome 12 13 14 September  2021  Covid-19 early treatments first world congress (visit     The Summit will take place  from...
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Italian Doctors Vow to Keep Using Hydroxy Despite Ban – Petition Launched

ER Editor: News website has launched a petition to get the drug hydroxychloroquine officially reinstated so that Italian doctors can once again use it with patients. If not, some...
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Global View: Covid-19 Treatment in India

Treatment protocol being applied in India, using successfully Hydroxychloroquine.  
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“Recovery trial and hydroxychloroquine”

On 29 September 2020, the “Recovery trial and hydroxychloroquine” study promoted by the HippocratesOrg Movement and signed by the best hydroxychloroquine experts in the world...
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Overcoming Fear: the Way of the Ippocrate Movement

  We herewith share the itemised interview Given by some members of our movement to the international press agency Pressenza on July the 2nd.  ...
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Dear AIFA*(1),   you should show the world that you think independently. The sovereignty of a country is on great part based on the independence...
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Letter to The Lancet 2 giugno 2020

Letter promoted by our Movement and supported by Italian physicians and professors and sent to The Lancet, sent to WHO for information, on June 2...
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