The IppocrateOrg’s Movement represents an international network of Medical Doctors, Researchers, Healthcare and Social Workers.


Before discussing the structure, organization, subject matters, analysis or the conclusions of the work of IppocrateOrg, it is crucial to understand the underlying reasons that prompted this group to initiate a very complex project. The strength and determination of its participants is closely connected to their convictions.

Covid-19 highlighted and continues to highlight so many contradictions in our modern world, not only in the field of medicine and science but also in the economic, social and financial spheres.

The balance of international power structures, in conjunction with the epidemic, appears to be unsettled and shifting.

This chaotic and contradictory landscape has caused various authorities to provide responses that are in fact not answers, while from many sides, political commentators, journalists, philosophers, party representatives and international organizations have repeatedly declared that after this pandemic “nothing will be the same again”: this is certainly not in dispute but is too general a statement that clearly leaves unanswered the question “what will have to change?”

We have witnessed different countries each applying a different approach to that of the so-called official scientific world: well-known medics, from the various branches of research, virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists and so on, often in disagreement with each other, were, however united in standing up against those other colleagues such that, even amidst so many difficulties in the front line, they sought a concrete solution in the face of the human drama unfolding and they administered some life-saving therapies.

They did not agree to leave a patient on life-support and only administer oxygen just because no precise instructions from the authorities were given.

These doctors made decisions relying on their clinical knowledge of the pathology, which was not taken into account by the authorities.

Where they assumed responsibility at the outbreak of the epidemic, the rate of mortality remained low.

Many questions followed. And they do not stop, even with the realisation that drugs that are extremely effective in fighting the epidemic are being set aside in favour of other drugs the efficacy of which is yet to be proven.

These questions led us to focus on steering a path that will have to be approved by the governing bodies in the medical-scientific world, also finding a way through the relationship between research and clinical medicine and of the autonomous judgments of health bodies at international, regional and national levels.

Our thoughts started from this, namely a person’s right to preserve his health or to have medical treatments that are at the heart of the medical system and not merely put in place to satisfy the interests of others.

We do not have a model of society that has the human being as the main  subject in mind nevertheless we know that something must necessarily and urgently change in our world, because the current social, economic and financial model is compromising the right to health of all humanity at a very rapid pace and we cannot allow this to happen.

We can no longer face enormous difficulties in silence and alone, each of us in his own isolation, a condition which is imposed upon us by leaders  governing us and does not provide any answers to people that are looking for freedom, wellbeing and prosperity, and that are also asking for economic democracy. We can no longer face all of this, because it would mean not respecting our oath. Yes, our oath, because the Hippocratic Oath is everyone’s oath, not only doctors. 

IppocrateOrg intends to be a laboratory where we scientifically expose any project that has been manipulated, so as to  sustain neutrality in the medical practice, in scientific research and experiments, and in opposing any current and future conflict of interest. IppocrateOrg will be a way to claim a truly active citizenship of every  human being.

Taking at heart, the health of others, the health of our communities, the health of our environment and the health of our homeland Earth, will be our permanent commitment.

But also taking heart in even those places where we do not live, as if they were our own home places because in a world where everything is indissolubly connected, they also contribute to the quality of our life.

This is for which IppocrateOrg will be committed in supporting the entire world. Any country or region will have the great opportunity to give and receive help.

Collaboration which is fondamental in order to plan a future that really belongs to us.


Mauro Rango,

14th of July 2020