Medical Scientific Committee

Ippocrate Movement gathers an international network of physicians , researchers ,  health and social workers.
Before getting into the deep structure and organisation and analysis and conclusions which are the aim of IppocrateOrg activity, it is  fundamental to understand the reasons why this group started such a complex project.
The strength and determination of those participating in this project , are deeply connected to the strong belief in these reasons

Covid 19 showed and is still showing many contradictions in the modern world ,not only within medical and scientific field but also in economical social and financial sphere.

As the epidemic surge kicked in , all the international power structures and balances accelerated towards a not easy to define configuration.
The conflicting and chaotic landscape brought many layers of governments to give “not-answering” answers ,while journalists ,philosophers ,political commentators ,party members  and representatives of international organisations ,are stressing out that after this pandemic “ nothing will ever be like before”: this is a true and indisputable  statement  but it is also too generic and it leaves no answer to the question “what will have to change instead ?”.
We witnessed what the official scientific world came up with in different locations : from every branch of  virology , immunology and epidemiology research , illustrious representatives would often contradict each other but they would all agree in opposing to those who were trying to find concrete solutions and therapies  to save lives .
Those physicians would not accept to leave intubated patients with oxygen only, while waiting for instructions from the top levels.
Those physicians took decisions according to their clinical knowledge of the disease while no one in the top spheres would consider.
Where these responsibilities have been taken since the surge of the epidemic, mortality has been really low
Questions would arise ,even now when we see useful drugs been left aside in favour of others  which have not been demonstrated to be effective.
These questions brought us to think and we are  trying to find a path to change what the government is doing within medical field , to change relationship between clinical and research medicine, to gain autonomy from international, national and regional department of health .
Our consideration started from here that is from the right of the person to maintain his health or have the right to access medical care according to his best interest not somebody’s else.
It is not in our mind a society where human being is at the center point of the project but we know that something has to change in our world because the current social ,economical and financial model is putting in danger the right for health of the entire world.
And we just can’t let it happen.
Because we can’t go on thinking to solve all these problems being silent and alone ,everyone stuck in his own isolation as we have been told from our government because this is not what our people is asking in term of freedom and wellbeing for help , prosperity  and democratic economy .
We simply cannot forget our oath . Yes, our oath is the  Ippocratic Oath been medical practitioners or not.
IppocrateOrg will be a laboratory to scientifically dismount any project to manipulate , to revenge the neutrality of medicine and  scientific research , to fight any current or future conflicts of interest but also to revenge for an active citizenship of every human being .
Our goal would be taking  care of each other’s ,our community and our land’s health.
The quality of our lives is deeply connected to the amount of care we take of every place where we live.
This is the reason why IppocrateOrg is opening to the whole world .
Every place in the world is granted the opportunity to give and receive help.
A necessary collaboration   to own the project for  a better future .