IppocrateOrg, as an international health organisation, chose to be
headquartered in Switzerland more than a year ago.

IppocrateOrg Switzerland did not limit itself, as in Italy, to engage in early
therapies and the abolition of Covid vaccines to children but has extended its
commitment to the abolition of the green pass, collaborating with other
Swiss associations, participating in events in Switzerland and promoting
meetings on the subject.
This activism in Switzerland has created many problems with the local

Finally, today, the Swiss government REMOVES ALL Covid certifications
and even the use of masks indoors (The International Medical Scientific
Committee of IppocrateOrg expressed its opposition to the use of masks a
week ago – a document that can be found on the Facebook page of the
Association). The mask remains mandatory ONLY in public transport and in
the common areas of hospitals.

The question arises as to why Switzerland, Great Britain, Spain and some
other European countries, as well as most of the Republican States of the
USA have abolished these restrictive measures while Italy, the only country in
the world, is exacerbating them. Exacerbation that occurs in the absence of
data on contagion and mortality that may even remotely worry.
As stated, in essence, by our Scientific Medical Committee, in the above-
mentioned document, the Omicron variant is much less dangerous, if cured,
of a very common seasonal flu.

We remind you that Italy requires vaccination or green pass from healing to
be able to work and also includes the over 50. Just Italian measures.

This attitude of the Italian State gives reason to those who argue that the
Italian measures are not of a sanitary type but exclusively of a political type.
In fact, from the point of view of health, what the Italian State is pursuing is
totally inexplicable for the following two reasons:

1. as we said, the Omicron, if cured early, does not kill;

2. the risk/benefit ratio of vaccinations, on healthy subjects, goes in favour of
risk. To better explain the concept: out of 1,000 healthy vaccinated children
the risk of death and side effects is higher for vaccination than for the

So vaccination is more risky than the disease.
In the whole history of medicine these two points would have prevented the
vaccinations of children. At least the healthy ones.

Moreover, in the whole history of medicine, we would never have dreamed, in
the face of any disease, to invoke the “vigilant wait” as the Ministry of Health
has done only with regard to Covid.

It is clear that we are not talking about health assessments but about political

As an association of doctors who deal with health, inspired by the values of
Hippocrates, we have an obligation to denounce all this with regard to, in
particular, the Italian government decisions and simply ask us: