INTERNATIONAL COVID SUMMIT – Roma – 12, 13 e 14 September 2021


Rome 12 13 14 September  2021

 Covid-19 early treatments first world congress




The Summit will take place  from the 12th to the 14th of September  and it will host  world renowned  medical researchers and scientists  who will speak  in presence about  experiences in treatments done in their  countries.

An initiative of Senator Roberta FERRERO, the conference scheduled for the 13th of September will take place in the Senato della Repubblica

PROGRAM for the conference  of the 13th of September

Senato della Repubblica

From 10.00 to 13.00 and from   14.30  to 18.00

Introduction Senator Roberta Ferrero

Greeting  from Group Leader of La Lega  Senator Massimiliano Romeo

Greeting from Department Chief of  La Lega Dr. Luca Coletto

Greeting from  Region  Piemonte Health Assessor Dr. Luigi Genesio Icardi

Moderators :

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

Dr. Mauro Rango


Official representatives of IppocrateOrg :

In presence :

Dr Fabio Burigana

Dr Rosanna Chifari

Dr Robert Malone

Dr Antonio Palma

in live-connection :

Dr Juan C. Bertoglio

Dr Dilip Pawar

* Journalists who wish to attend will write an email to

[email protected]

The Summit on the  14th of September  will take place at Teatro Brancaccio in  Rome.

IppocrateOrg invites ALL  the followers and activists  and especially those patients who had been treated by our doctors and practitioners ,to attend the event

To attend please fill the form on  :

All followers and activists are kindly suggested to take  contacts with local and international medias to share this  event and to spread the message on any possible social media platform .

For any informations please contact:  [email protected]