“Recovery trial and hydroxychloroquine”

On 29 September 2020, the “Recovery trial and hydroxychloroquine” study promoted by the HippocratesOrg Movement and signed by the best hydroxychloroquine experts in the world was published in the International Medical Journal.

This study, approved by the IMJ ethics committee, is an analysis that scientifically demonstrates the unreliability of the Recovery Trial, the large clinical trial promoted in March 2020 by the University of Oxford, funded by the Gates foundation and conducted in 175 hospitals in the UK , whose goal was the search for effective drugs for the treatment of Covid19.

We want to remind you that, based on the results of the Recovery study, the WHO  formalized the decision to suspend the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid19 worldwide.

The critical study promoted by IppocrateOrg and its signatories, highlighted TWO fundamental aspects that completely call the WHO decision into question:

The first aspect is that the Recovery Trial has NOT shown that hydroxychloroquine does not work in the first phase of the disease.

The second is that Recovery Trial, having used hydroxychloroquine at double dosage compared to the standard, has paradoxically demonstrated its total safety even at these dosages.

Despite these evidences, WHO continued to oppose the clinical use of hydroxychloroquine in the world even for the early stages of Covid19 disease, helping to support and spread unjustified beliefs about the ineffectiveness of the historic drug.

The text in Italian can be found in this article by Affari Italiani di Oggi:

Recovery-trial-and-hydroxychloroquine Dr Dilip Pawar