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We  inaugurate our section on Food by talking about what would appear to be its opposite: Fasting.

I have obtained the authorization and the honour to publish, exclusively for HippocratesOrg, the draft of the first three chapters of a book that will be released next year. The author is a doctor I do appreciate a lot and who I consider one of the world’s leading experts in the study of the effects of Fasting on the human organism.

Fasting, therefore, not as an act of faith, but as a science.

Dr. Marco Mattorre has researched, with great passion and interest, the scientific basis of the action of fasting, the biological mechanisms through which it interacts with the endocrine system, with the immune system and with the nervous system. Mattorre is a scholar of fasting as a mean to  prevent pathologies and as a therapy.  As a matter of fact, his statements relevant to fasting are  always rigorously confirmed by laboratory data or incontrovertible scientific studies.

Mauro Rango



Chapter I – The fast: ancient and modern virtues

Chapter II – Intoxication and Stress

Chapter III – Fasting Physiology