Dear AIFA*(1),


you should show the world that you think independently.

The sovereignty of a country is on great part based on the independence and authority of its organisms.

Political organisms are not the only ones intended, but even more so, those institutions that are are supposed to protect the citizens, ultimately for what concerns their physical health, and should be independent in this endeavor.

Drug/pharmaceutical companies/agencies in countries such as Morocco, India, Algeria, Mauritius, Brazil and many others, have been able to reject regulations from the WHO concerning the suspension of the use of prescription  hydroxychloroquine for in home patients, and in hospitals.

The Ministry of Health in Chile, had complied with WHO directives,  this caused a subsequent uprising of all the physicians across the country. Such a massive, widespread and unified demonstration forced the Ministry to backtrack and readmit  hydroxychloroquine.

This was a lesson, not only for the health ministries and drug/pharmaceutical agencies /companies in many other countries, but also for doctors from all over the world.

In Italy alone, a protest letter from 140 doctors was

sent to you, AIFA. Only AFTER The Guardian (one of the few European newspapers that still knows how to do their own independant investigations) questioned the validity of the study published by The Lancet, whose result was the very basis of the decision for the WHO to withdraw the use of hydroxychloroquine.

Thousands of doctors around Italy have saved tens of thousands lives from Covid-19, by using hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin on their in home patients. All this carried out in silence, because it was not “fashionable” to use outdated drugs, regardless if proven effective against the disease or not. It was deemed more “professional” to talk about non-existent vaccines and ineffective antivirals, on main stream TV.

Now little by little, those doctors who made unpopular choices at the time, are relieved from the imminent commitment of saving many human lives, and will have time to collect and produce documentation of their findings. This will demonstrate and prove the effectiveness and safety of hydroxychloroquine used against Covid-19 to the entire world.

If you AIFA, were not aware on what territorial scale  (unfortunately only in some regions or provinces)  subministrations of hydroxychloroquine were massively used in numerous Italian hospitals since the beginning of March, with nothing short of exceptional results and without side effects, then there is definitely something ambiguous going on.

It just does not add up, dear AIFA.

If your role has become simply bureaucratic, one that simply  relays decisions made by others, and relinquishes the role of independent medical-scientific evaluations… Well in that case… then there is no reason you should continue to exist as an organization.

In acknowledgement of this, a part-time interpreter who checks English translations concerning documents published by the WHO on google,  would suffice.

The promptness, in which you precipitated in blind belief regarding the research published in The Lancet and obeying the WHO, does not find continuity in as promptly addressing the matter and invalidating your restrictive provisions.


Kind regards


*(1)AIFA = Italian Medicines Agency